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14 Sep 2011

Gold Prices Prediction for September 2011

Gold prices prediction for September 2011 : Reminiscent of Silver after its parabolic rise, gold, which has jumped about 12% in August alone, is set to continue its correction over the short-term. Moderating momentum, higher spec margins, a sharp jump in implied volatilities and a small improvement in investor risk appetite are the key catalysts to drive gold lower.

Gold prices could see $2,000 an ounce in the coming months, but in the short-term, gold prices could see further weakness, because the Gold market is more liquid than silver, with favorable fundamentals, the correction shouldn’t be “overly brutal.” In the long-term, he says gold prices should go higher as gold will act as both a safe haven asset and a store of value to offset the inflationary aspects of further easing

Analyst predicted gold prices
JP Morgan says $2500 by year-end, Deutsche Bank called for $2000 by year-end, and now Bank of America has raised its gold price prediction to $2,000 in 12 months. So, if gold does drop like a rock watch out out cause it could turn around and rise like a rocket!



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